Sustainability Dialogues

Global Sustainability Alliance (GSA) by ET Edge is a platform for the leaders across nations to be the global voice for sustainability; established to guide corporates and industries, towards strengthening their commitments for SDG’s and Net Zero targets.

Through the different initiatives like summits, dialogues, round tables, we strive to facilitate discussions on achieving collective, innovative, sustainable outcomes through increased partnerships, equitable practices, and an inclusive culture.

To drive this agenda along with the CXO’s, and to amplify, secure and strengthen the existing activities, we took this effort to secure greater participation and leadership, more resources, and improved, game-changing solutions to address environment challenges and fighting climate emergency.

As we embark on this collective journey, we are conducting the series of Leadership dialogues: The Green Exchange Conversations with ambassadors, CEO’s, decision makers and others to talk about their initiatives, ideas, solutions, and role in recalibrating to an economic system that supports sustainable growth and profits.

The Green Exchange Conversations

Dr Philipp Ackermann German Ambassador to India and Bhutan

H E Freddy Svane, Ambassador, Denmark